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La ROSA’s innovative systems are inspired by the concepts of adaptability, functionality and practicality. EASYMOVING allows the joints to be fixed in five different positions and to support the weight of a bag. A simple push and click is all it takes to change the mannequin’s position, without having to undress it. WONDERFIT combines the mannequin’s shoulder with the articulated wooden arm, completely transforming the fit of male and female manne-quins, torsos and sartorial bustforms. 360° SYSTEM allows the jointed wooden arms to make a 360-degree circular movement. A simple, innovative device that starting today allows unlimited arm motion of the bustform and mannequin, increasing their expression and use potential. FOOTURE™ is La ROSA’s first patented innovation. This foot adapts automatically to four different heel heights. Q & R SYSTEM is a system of interchangeable busts, hips, arms and legs. You can get more positions with just one type of mannequin.