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Sustainability is part of La ROSA long story and one of the reasons why our products have high quality.

La ROSA mannequins are entirely manufactured in Italy, using Italian semi-finished products, built with high-quality and first choice natural materials, realised on exclusive designs and projects, adopting the standards of Italian traditional craftmanship and industrial production.

La ROSA has a comprehensive approach to environmental sustainability. Each step in the mannequin life cycle is analysed with the aim of reducing its environmental impact: raw materials, manufacturing, shipment and packaging, durability and maintenance, scraps and recycle.

Two tons of plastic are required to produce 200 mannequins. Nearly half of the material used by La Rosa is recycled, thus saving 700 kilos oil and preventing emitting 2 tons carbon dioxide into the air. The good-quality surplus plastics is reused and newly introduced in the production process. At the end of their life cycle, the La ROSA mannequins are taken back and reintroduced in the production cycle.

Thanks to a modern post-combustion plant, harmful emissions are kept under the statutory thresholds, solvents are burnt and the alternatively produced energy feeds the drying tunnels.The cooling towers use recycled water only. Power is sourced from an owned photovoltaic park producing 1,5 million KW per year.

As opposed to the glass-fibre – the semi-finished material highly toxic, fragile and detrimental for the workers’ health widely used in the mannequin market – La ROSA’s mannequins are made by polystyrene a completely recycled and recyclable plastics, typically used in the food packaging industry for films or tray, non-toxic, hard-wearing, anti-shock and extremely durable.

For more details on the international certifications and the awards La ROSA gained with its Sustainability Program write to