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Diana Vreeland after Diana Vreeland

Exhibitions / March 10th - June 26th 2012 - Museo Fortuny, Venice - Photographer copyright: Francesco De Luca

La Rosa’s mannequins became protagonists of the first great Italian exhibition dedicated to the brilliant and eclectic Diana Vreeland, fashion critic, writer, legendary Harper’s Bazaar fashion editor, Vogue America editor in chief and Costume Institute at Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York fashion curator. The exhibition reflects Diana Vreeland’s style based on the fundamental role of mannequin in design concept. The staging and thematic project, cured by Judith Clark and Maria Luisa Frisa, gives the mannequin a dress-carrier role passing over the trivial one. On the occasion La Rosa projected thirty-five mannequins which concretely give birth to creativity and scientific severity representation under a narrative exposition aspect. They trace graphic tones of the 60’s fashion magazines, from violet, green, gold, silver to lacquered white.

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