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La Rosa’s Paris showroom opening

Events / September 12 2013 - 118, rue réaumur 75002, Paris

The regeneration process of creative with which La Rosa celebrates ninety years of presence on the international market, is followed up with the opening of the showroom at 118 rue Reaumur, Paris. This regeneration started in 2013 with a creative direction that led to the development of a product strategy and communication in line with the demands of the contemporary Brands in the International market. The renewal of the Italian company has the aim to make clear the ability of La Rosa speak to different consumer types , from luxury brands to major retailers , with a product made ​​entirely in Italy and minimal environmental impact. The design and layout of the showroom in Paris , following the aesthetics of the new website , new product catalogues and the Palazzolo Milanese showroom, were designed to highlight the different personalities of the collections created to interpret different types of fashion. On September 12 have been presented in preview at the inauguration of the Paris office, brand new collection of mannequins: Q, R, O, C, J, and re-releases of some of the bestselling La Rosa. In the new strategy, Paris wants to be an outpost from which La Rosa intends to consolidate its expansion to Asia, Eastern Europe and the Arab market and strengthen its relations with International Fashion through the proximity to the most important luxury brands who are based in the French capital. With the showrooms in Paris, La Rosa wants to also show its unique ability to perceive and transform the aesthetic movements and style mannequins and solutions for display.

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