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La Rosa in New York

Events / December 2015 - New York

La Rosa was in New York for the A.R.E. Retail Design Collective, celebrating its partnership with JPMA for La Rosa products in the States, whose crowning moment was a party with visual merchandisers from the most important international brands and department stores in clothing, fashion and sport. The window in the showroom on 25th Ave. featured a series of the robot created for Moncler store windows; on the inside were the X and G men’s collections, the bestsellers from the Bustforms collection, a selection of accessories, and the women’s collection’s A, S, Q e T – the latter featuring in the BELLISSIMA exhibition, curated by Maria Luisa Frisa, Anna Mattirolo and Stefano Tonchi, which will be making an appearance next February at the NSU Museum in Fort Lauderdale.


Info photo: Alexo Wandael

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