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Private Callas, Bonotto Editions

Exhibitions / February 2017 - Milan - photo Daniele Fragale

In collaboration with La Rosa Mannequins, Santex Group and Roads, Bonotto presented in his show Via Durini showroom in Milan “Private Callas: Dresses and memorabilia in a textile scenery”, an exhibition curated by Maria Luisa Frisa and Gabriele Monti dedicated to the famous artist. In the evocative spaces of the magical Milanese residence of Durini 24, about thirty mannequins from the La Rosa T collection have created a path between the precious objects from the Callas archive of Fondazione Progetto Marzotto and the day dresses, the couture creations of Biki, Dior and Saint Laurent, costumes, hats and the precious jewels belonging to the divine diva.

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